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Why Join A Running Club?

Why Join A Running Club?

Running clubs of today seem to be a diverse group of people in terms of running experience and goals.  Many join without any intention of entering a race but for overall health and fitness.  There are lots of benefits of joining a running club no matter what level of running one has achieved.

Runners’ Edge club offers:

  • Running in a group provides a safe and supportive environment. With each session we offer supervision and water support.
  • Being in our running club gives you access to a trained professional coach who will offer support, encouragement, and peace of mind.
  • We will teach you how to run with proper running form which will help to prevent injuries
  • We will design you a personalized training program unlike the cookie cutter programs found anywhere on-line
  • Creates motivation and is a great way to meet new people and find running buddies who have the same goals or are training for a particular event.
  • Makes you more accountable to show up at a certain time and place. If you have a running partner it also makes you accountable to him/her.
  • Provides a community and bond between runners where all can share their triumphs and hardships.
  • Helps to increase your competitive drive. Running as a part of a group will help you to set targets and will most likely bring out the competiveness of a runner which will lead to overall improvemen
  • A running club can provide a wealth of information from advice on running routes, races, tips on where to find a good massage therapist or chiropractor.

The Importance of a Running Coach:

Working with a running coach will help a runner reach their true potential.  There are many benefits of training with a running coach.  A coach will be a huge asset in helping a runner develop and improve running form and technique.  He will implement the training routes and training runs such as hills, tempo runs and intervals to help runners reach their true potential.  He will design training programs for specific races.  A coach will also teach a runner about the physiology about running, and how to properly fuel before and after a run.  The most important asset about having a coach would be that person acts as mentor and cheerleader throughout all the ups and downs of running.



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