Strength Training…..How Can It Help My Running?

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January 15, 2016
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January 17, 2016
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Strength Training…..How Can It Help My Running?

Edgers have had good luck avoiding serious running related injuries because they spend so much time practising good running form on flat ground, up-hill, down-hill or during workouts. Edger’s secret weapon is their willingness to listen to their coaches about; fuelling before, during, and after runs, yoga to increase their strength and flexibility, and the importance of strength training to build muscle tone, and strength.

Nearly half of all runners are injured in any given year, and 82% will experience a running-related injury in their lifetime. There are well-documented studies showing that weightlifting is tremendously beneficial for running in many ways that decrease injury risk and improve performance. Strength training is a supplement to a runner’s roadwork because it strengthens muscles and joints, which can improve race times and decrease injury risk.

If you want to perform at your full potential, you need to take a comprehensive approach to your running. This means targeting areas of fitness you may not normally pay attention to, like flexibility, balance, mobility, and strength. Studies have shown that strength training can improve body composition by helping you maintain or increase your lean body mass and can decrease your percentage of body fat, helping you look leaner and burn additional calories. Yoga can help with your balance and mobility. Nutrition is the final last key to fuel your muscles for running and your recovery.

Not sure where to start or how to start strength training? Kevin Moore is one of our coaches and a registered kinesiologist and can help get you on the right track.  Proper technique, repetitions, amount of weight and which muscles to focus on are all critical to a successful weight training program.  To learn more about what a kinesiologist can do for you click strength training.


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