Should I still do my speed or hill workouts in subzero temperatures?

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February 11, 2016
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February 17, 2016
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Should I still do my speed or hill workouts in subzero temperatures?

Yes. If you approach this wisely you can have very succesful workouts. Winter runs in the worst of conditions should be viewed as maintenance runs. Putting in the miles to build up endurance at a safe pace. So? You have chosen to do the speed/hill workout.

  1. Read the Running In The Winter blog entry.
  2. Make sure you are sufficiantly warm-up indoors before heading out on the road, Edgers do a calisthenic warm up. The idea is to produce some body heat, elevate the heart rate, loosen up the muscles before heading out to the workout site.
  3. Do a handful of stretches of the big muscle groups. Lightly stretch your quads, hamstrings and calves.
  4. Do 5 build ups. Build up is a short interval ranging from 50 to 80 metres. Start at a jog and build your speed to a sprint. From 0 to 20 mteres jog, accelerate to a sprint for the next 40 metres finishing with a slow jog for the last 20 metres. As you progress through the build ups, increase the intensity to prepare the lungs and heart for the cooler air during the workout.
  5. Do the first interval at or near projected race pace. 1:45 Half Marathon is a 5:00/km race pace. Do the second interval slightly faster then the first, shoot for 4:50 to 4:55. Do the third interval slightly faster then the second, shoot for 4:40 to 4:50. Continue the workout getting slightly faster as you do the intervals.
  6. Drink fluids between intervals. Use an insulated container to prevent the fluids from freezing.
  7. Do a proper cool down. Jog home or to the Edge for approx 10 minutes. This allows the leg muscles to get ready for the next day.



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