Runners’ Edge Packing List for your event!

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December 19, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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Runners’ Edge Packing List for your event!


Critical Paperwork:

Passport, credit/debit cards, currency of the country your event takes place, health card, CAA card, confirmation letter for race, maps/downloaded maps

Address list of important spots; starting line, finish line, race expo, hotel, restaurants, and points of interest.

Running Gear:

Race day shoes, Tank top, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt light weight, long sleeve shirt heavy weight, nylon vest, nylon jacket, bra top, shorts, tights, capris, cap, touque, head band, balavlava, light weight gloves, heavy weight gloves, mitts, sunglasses,  socks, underwear, sweat band, wrist band, waterbelt, water bottles, race bib belt, change of clothes for finish line area and throw away clothes.

Extra Clothing:

Pajamas, jeans, yoga pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, bathing suit, robe, sandals, flip flops, boots, jacket, coat, gloves/mittens, hats, socks, walking shoes, dress shoes, your pillow


Prescription glasses, sunglasses, sun screen, body glide, massage roller, band aids, feminine hygiene products, medications, voltaren, toiletries, chapstick, Tide to Go pen.


Running watch and charger, phone and charger, i-pod/music device and charger, camera and charger, tablets or computer.


Water, e-load/electrolyte drink, gels/chews, snacks, fruit, popcorn, tea bags, cliff bars/lara bars, oatmeal, almonds, chocolate, sugar, bowl, spoon, kettle, corkscrew, scissors, wine, beer,

Benny’s must have for the starting line area or Athlete Village:

Large clear plastic bag (wind jacket substitute or rain protection in coral area), Large plastic garbage bage with 5 newspapers (great for sitting on, stretching on and protection from the ground preventing getting cold), throw away clothes, tiolet papper (they always run out in the johnny on the spots), light weight back pack, shower cap, two medium plastic bags (in rain put them over your shoes and tie them around ankles preventing water in the shoes),



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