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Online Coaching for 12 Months


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Online Coaching for 12 Months 

Hire an expert to help you meet your running goals. Do it on your own terms and time!

Life is busy and sometimes gets in the way of what we would like to do for ourselves. Obligations and time constraints in our lives may prevent us from joining a running group or club to help us achieve our running goals. Runners’ Edge has found the perfect solution for you in an effective and affordable way! We now offer online coaching!

Online coaching will be done by Benny Ralston owner of Runners’ Edge and running guru! With over 30 years of coaching experience Benny has been the head coach and clinic coordinator at Runners’ Edge for past 15 years. Benny is an accomplished runner who has elite running experience at the junior, varsity and open levels. He is also the head coach at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, one of the most successful high school programs in Ontario for over two decades.

Online Coaching Benefits:

  • Design and implement a personalized training program unlike the cookie cutter programs found anywhere online. The coach will assess and customize each runner’s training program based on individuality and commitment
  • Offer moral support, encouragement, peace of mind
  • Advice on running form and technique (video analysis)
  • Footwear advice (online gait analysis)
  • Offer expertise and feedback


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