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January 5, 2018
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February 1, 2018
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Injury Prevention Tip #1


Hockey player need good skates, Golfers need good shoes, Race car driver best tires, you get the idea.

While walking or running we also need the right equipment. Clothing to help us deal with the elements. Sunglasses to protect the eyes. Sun screen to protect the skin.

The single most important piece of equiment is your footwear!

What if I am ONLY walking? Good footwear will give you a good base for your body. Solid basement for your house. For the more information click here;

Every day we talk to customers who have purchased footwear based on how they look but are finding themselves in serious pain. STOP! Shoes are the single most important piece of equipment required for running and walking. Think of your shoes as a highly specialized piece of equipment for running and walking and not a piece of fashion apparel. If you are skiing, great skis are critical, tennis requires a good racquet and cycling requires a good bike. You get the idea, shoes are important to running/walking with less pain.

Wearing proper shoes is a fundamental element in maintaining the correct running/walking technique and posture which can help prevent over used muscle injuries. Selecting the right shoe for your foot type may appear to be a simple concept, yet many walkers and runners often overlook this simple step, and as a result, suffer from preventable injuries.

Proper footwear is as important to your body as good tires are for your car. The correct shoe for your foot can help with aligning your ankles, knees and hips which will encourage the big muscles, hamstrings, quads and calves to do the work and not the smaller supporting muscles. If your shoes don’t provide the necessary support and cushioning for the arches, heels, and metatarsals, they prevent essential range of motion in the foot. When your feet are not able to function properly, other parts of your body must overcompensate. When your body overcompensates, it is common to suffer from pain in the heels, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. The pain in these joints can then lead to weakness and further injury in your shins, peroneal muscles, and hip flexors.

Runners’ Edge is committed to assessing your gait and helping find the correct shoe for you. We carry high quality brands with the best selection of sizes and widths in the Niagara Region.

Remember: Happy Feet = Happy Ankles =  Happy Knees = Happy Hips = Happy Back + Happy Person.

Good footwear provides excellent traction to help prevdent slipping and falling down during your walk/run.

The right shoe will provide a midsole for alignment or guidance of the foot to keep your feet neutral plus cushioning helping to absorb the impact from walking or running.

An excellent shoe for walking or running will have the correct upper to ensure proper fit, correct width for your foot preventing slipping or squeezing of the foot. Add in the upper made of the correct materials based on your needs for the elements for indoor and or outdoor useage. Gortex to help with waterproofing, synthetic upper to prevent loosing shape and becoming ill fitting.

Once we get you the correct shoes for your feet we will give you some useful tips on how to run and walk properly. Good running/walking form, and good quality accessories can make your activity much more fun.

For the ladies the second most important piece of equippment is your bra, another topic for future blogs.