Blisters…Every Runners’ Nightmare

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Blisters…Every Runners’ Nightmare

Blisters can derail your run, race and often times makes everyday life miserable.

While out on your run you notice that a blister is forming on your foot, you should stop and assess the blister. Cut the run short or quit the run all together depending upon the severity of the blister. This is the only way to keep the blister from getting worse or even infected. Plus, if it hurts to put weight on your foot, this will affect your running style and you will change your form which can lead to overuse injuries.

If the blister happens during a race or a running event, there is only one thing you can do: grin and bear it! Despite the heat, always avoid running through a hose or sprinkler to cool off. Getting your socks and shoes soaked and then finishing a long distance race can be detrimental to your feet. Blisters can form that could take weeks or up to months to heal. Avoid it at all costs! At the next aid station stop and let a medic tape the sore spots to help reduce the rubbing. Immediately after the race or event is over seek medical attention. If the blister needs to be poked the medic will have a sterile needle to help prevent infection and blood poisoning.

Ok coach, what can I do to prevent this most common running injury?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Not metric but the meaning is correct.

Check your shoes….
Are they in good condition? Worn out, ill fitting and incorrect support shoes can cause friction between you and your shoes. Hot spots equal blisters.

Tie and untie your shoes before and after every run. Take the insole out of your shoe when not in use to allow the inside of the shoe to properly dry up.

Keep track of your shoes mileage. Many shoes we carry at the Edge will easily get you 500 kilometres and the best of shoes can get 700 to 1000 kilometres. As well, replacing your shoes on time can avoid all kinds of muscle overuse injuries plus blistering.

What are on your feet? Are they the right size? Do they bunch up? Gather in spots that can cause potential hot spots. Blisters love hot spots.
What are your socks made from? Cotton is the enemy!

Protective Skincare….
Anti-blister and chafing balm such as Body Glide is an excellent tool to also prevent blisters. Products such as this protects you against raw, chafed skin and goes on as a dry visible barrier that is not greasy. It’s also sweat and water resistant and is the perfect type of balm to use on hot sweaty feet. It’s a small investment to remain injury free.

The best socks we carry at the Edge are made from combining merino wool plus other synthetic materials to wick moisture from your feet. Dry feet, no hot spots, reduces chances of blisters. Here is an example of an amazing sock;


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