2017 Valentine’s Day 5K Results!

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February 14, 2017
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March 25, 2017
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2017 Valentine’s Day 5K Results!

Edgers of all ages ran in support of Gillian’s Place at the Valentine’s Day 5K.

Teen-Edgers Finishing times and places. For picture click; PICTURES


17:57 Sascha 2nd Place overall 1st Place age group

17:59 Ethan    2nd Place age group

18:17 Nick      3rd Place age group

18:22 Harry  5th Place overall

18:26  Corbin 6th Place overall

19:42  Maddie  1st Overall Female

20:46 Josh     6th place age group

22:16 Shayla  1st Place age group

22:29 Stacy

22:52 Abigail 2nd Place age group

25:19 Clare 3rd Place age group


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