2016 Subaru 4-mile race results

2016 Subaru 4-mile Chase Gallery
July 16, 2016
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August 13, 2016
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2016 Subaru 4-mile race results

Edgers ventured on a banana bus to race against our cousins in Buffalo.

Click here to see photos of Edgers in action.

The Edgers raced very well holding their own during the race on the hot humid roads of Buffalo. The Edge was lead by Andrew Nebel as he finished 10th place overall.

Subaru gave away capes with Flamingos to our top finishers in their age groups.

The Edge’s Purple Flamingo Cape Crusaders:

Andrew Nebel, Kevin Moore, Riley Coles, Trudie Smith (prize money winner!), Annette Celestini, Mikayla Scaglione, Marianne Lessard-Coutu, Kristin Ross, Melanie Kerho, Brenda Maher, Ann Bird, Jennifer Mooradian, Julie Cairnie, Paul Weerdenburg


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