2016 Around the Bay Road Race Results

2016 Chilly Results
March 6, 2016
2016 Around the Bay Road Race Gallery
April 3, 2016
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2016 Around the Bay Road Race Results

The Hamilton-Burlington course will never be the same again, Edgers tore through the course with a vengeance.

Many Edgers had amazing races while others had amazing training runs as they prepare for Marathons and Comrades in South Africa.

30K Results

2:05:11  Gord Akilie

2:19:28  Trudie Smith

2:29:23  Steve Janzen

2:31:40  Tim Murray

2:33:06  Lindsay Marcaccio

2:37:37  Shane Wright

2:39:02  Jennifer Mooradian

2:42:37  Daniel Tozer

2:42:45  Andea Walker

2:43:57  Julie Cairnie

2:44:46  Brenda Maher

2:45:11  Irene Stamatelakys

2:50:54  Joan Howieson

2:54:14  Kristen Ross

2:54:28  Janine Child

2:57:08  Sharon Burns

2:57:08  Carmelina Maxwell

2:57:10  Rosanne Mauro

2:58:52  Trish Nash

3:00:31  Cathy Hopkins

3:08:44  Mike Massoom

3:22:36  Ann Bird

3:24:52  Nancy Carter

5K Results

15:58  Millar Coveney

16:34  Kevin Moore

17:31  Harrison Enns

18:52  Scott McMullen

30:12  Micki Wright

35:40 Christine Nadeau

37:17  Patti McPherson

2-Person Relay

3:24:12  Your Pace or Mine, Megan McKee and Katie Boychuck

3:39:06 M+N, Margaret Ventresca and Nicole Oakes

3-People Relay

2:20:12  Twos company three is a crowd, Tim Murray, Paul Weerdenburg and Annette Celestini

2:40:19  Three Margaritas, Elizabeth Freeman, Susan Tufford and Marianne Lessard-Coutu


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